With an office located in Southern California and an office located on the Central Coast of CA.
We service the counties of:
  • Los Angeles
  • Orange
  • Riverside
  • San Bernardino
  • Santa Barbara
  • Ventura
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At Sterling Asset Recovery, We're Number One Because:

  • We consistently deliver high recovery ratios
  • We have an unparalleled commitment to client satisfaction
  • We use all of our own in-house agents who operate our state of the art fleet of damage free tow trucks
  • In addition to our 1 Million dollar bond with Allied Finance Adjusters, we carry the best insurance in the industry protecting not only us but you as well.
  • We are Members in good standing with Allied Finance Adjusters and The California Association of Licensed Repossessors
  • We are RCS and CARS cerfitied
  • We are one of the first companies to have Mobile Vehicle Cameras installed in our trucks to provide you with protection against frivolous claims. By video recording 360 of the loading, transporting and unloading process of your collateral, Sterling Asset Recovery helps eliminate false charges of damages and personal property theft
  • We're FAST - We start work immediately upon receipt of your assignment.
  • We use state of the art computer/internet/phone systems, which allow us to communicate more efficiently than the other repossession companies .
  • We have an in-house Locksmith with the capability to make all types of keys including transponder, Vats, Pats and chipped keys. This allows Sterling Asset Recovery to make keys at 30-40% less than a locksmith or auction and keys can usually be made within one hour of receiving the approval. In most instances we will make a key by code prior to looking for a car to effectuate an even safer recovery.

Repossession Services - Involuntary or Voluntary we are experts at recovering collateral . Not only are we a repossession company, we are also your solution for complete collateral recovery in the Southern California. Cars, Trucks, Vans, Boats, R.V.'s, Trailers, Limo's, Motorcycles, Airplanes, Mobile homes, Heavy Equipment and much more. Our staff can locate your collateral, anywhere in the United States. We have quick assignment action and comprehensive updates, condition reports, and pictures of collateral.

Debtor Locating Services - Effective skip tracing and investigation ranging from Internet to personal location. Field investigations include photos before and after recovery.

Transport services - Vehicle transport by a Department of Transportation authorized 10-car carrier or one of our flatbed trucks. We can arrange for delivery of your unit(s) to the auction or location of your choice.

Innovative Pre-Recovery processes : We run virtually all assignments through local, state, and Internet databases to "mine" for additional information. W e have tried and tested most of the Internet databases, and only use the best of the best. Through these processes we often produce more current information than you might have on file. When you combine these tools and resources with our talented and experienced investigators, you can easily see why our recovery ratio is one of the highest in the industry.

Secured Storage Facilities : Our Ventura office has a 20,0000 square foot warehouse to store your units indoors. Our Los Angeles office has a 35,000 square foot compound with 20ft fences, barbwire, and some indoor storage. Both facilities are equipped with motion sensor alarms and video cameras . Be careful, in order to keep overhead down, many other repo agencies will store your vehicles in unsafe and compromised storage situations. Because of our commitment to safeguard your collateral, you can be assured that your collateral is kept in a safe, highly secured situation. We encourage you to come and visit our offices to see for yourself.

Exacting Post-Recovery Processes : Many problems in the recovery process are a result of mishandling the personal effects in the vehicle at the time of the repossession, or a haphazard completion of the condition report on the recovered collateral. Sterling Asset Recovery prides itself with its strict and careful handling of the customer's personal effects, and its attention to details in the condition report. You can be assured that if an item was in the vehicle at the time of recovery, it will be made available to your customer at the time of redemption.

Sterling Asset Recovery provides you with the best chance of recovering your collateral and/or of finding your debtor. Our recovery ratio approaches 90% on many of our accounts. Rest assured that we will exceed your expectations!

Beware when choosing agents: The repossession agent in the field (through case-law determinations regarding "vicarious liability") represents not only our company, but yours as well. Our agents are well-trained, well-mannered, yet efficient and effective recovery agents. Our "recovery ratios" are some of the highest in the industry, while minimizing potential liability exposure. Also, in most instances our field personnel are trained investigators, and their efforts can yield information that results in the recovery of your collateral or debt.



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